A new version of Soundshaper (4.5, June 2017) is now available for download.
Soundshaper 4.5 is now the only version of Soundshaper and is released to all users free of charge.
It replaces SOUNDSHAPER LITE and PRO, which have been withdrawn.

Cell Patches: the new version supports sub-patches: an existing patch can now be run within one cell. The patch must have only one input (.wav) and one output (also .wav), but internally can have multiple rows. Old patches may have to be re-saved to be compatible.

Patches containing sub-patches can be saved and re-run as normal. Second-level sub-patches (a sub-patch within a sub-patch) are not currently supported, however. For details, see the supplied Release Notes.

Drag and drop Parameter Files: parameter files (.prm) can now be dropped on to the Patchgrid. These are simple text files created as temporary files during the normal construction of a patch, and they can also be saved from a Parameter Page ('Save Snapshot'). They are in effect preset files.

When dropped on to the Patchgrid, the parameter page is opened with the appropriate values and a Carriage Return is all that is needed to run the preset, or the values can be edited. A library of suitably named parameter files makes an easy-to-use and flexible collection of presets.

For other new features, see below.


Although Soundshaper runs successully on the MAC via products like Parallels, there has been a lot of interest in a possible MAC port. This is now the main priority for Soundshaper development, although it will take some time to re-construct and test the program. It is also hoped to develop a version for LINUX.


The Soundshaper HELP manual (in HTML) was fully revised for Soundshaper 4.4 and will be updated for 4.5 in due course.
See the Downloads Page.


CDP Release 7.1 was released in July 2016. No new functions have been introduced, but all programs have been re-compiled. Download the latest versions here:  CDP Downloads

CDP Documentation is now available online: CDP Docs Home Page.
You can also download PDF versions of the main docs here.


If you are running CDP and haven't yet joined the CDP Users' Forum, you can do so here:   CDP Users' Forum
The forum is a great place to share ideas, news and information about CDP.


Version 4.4 (Sep. 2015 to May 2016)

Version 4.3 (Feb. 2014-June 2015)

Version 4.2

Version 4.1


Version 4.0 and 3

Multi-row Example

The example below illustrates the use of multiple processing chains:

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Latest Download: SOUNDSHAPER 4.5  – freeware, but requires CDP software.