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Core Reference Docs
Index of CDP Function Groups
Alphabetical Index of CDP Functions
BLUR – blur spectral data to diffuse clarity
COMBINE – combine frequency analysis data from two or more files
DISTORT – distortion based on wavesets
ENVEL – alterations to the amplitude envelope
ENVNU – specialised operations on envelopes
EXTEND – processes which extend and/or segment a sound
FILTER – techniques to filter or focus on frequency bands
FOCUS – focus or sustain spectral amplitude data
FORMANTS – extract and impose the spectral envelope
GRAIN – granulate and manipulate grains
HILITE – emphasise spectral amplitude / spectral filtering
HOUSEKEEP – basic soundfile housekeeping utilities
MODIFY – various functions to modify soundfiles
MORPH – create smooth transitions between sounds
MULTI-CHANNEL – multi-channel diffusion and processing
MULTI-CHANNEL TOOLKIT – multi-channel file handling
ONEFORM – operations on single formants
PITCH – spectral pitch and frequency operations
PITCHINFO – information about partials or extracted pitch traces
PSOW – manipulate pitch-synchronous grains (FOFs)
PVOC – FFT analysis and resynthesis
REPITCH – extract and alter pitch-related frequency data
REVERB – functions to reverberate soundfiles
SFEDIT – basic soundfile editing
SNDINFO – basic soundfile information
SPEC – spectral gain and editing utilities
SPECINFO – information about spectral data
SPECNU – functions to clean up frequency analysis files
STRANGE – unusual and unpredictable spectral effects
STRETCH – stretch time or frequency data
SUBMIX – mixing and related processes
SYNTH – functions to synthesise sounds
SYSUTILS – system utilities
TEXTURE – create textures of sounds
BRKEDIT – Manual for CDP breakpoint editor
GRAINMILL – Manual for CDP stand-alone granular program
TABULA VIGILANS – Manual for algorithmic composition program

Note Chart
Transposition Ratios
Gain to dB
Texture Note Data Files
Texture Reference Charts
Repitch inputs & outputs
Function Abbreviations
Audible Design Cross-Reference
Operation of the Phase Vocoder
Using Terminal